Currently I am working on two major book projects. The first book, to be published this fall, is a beautifully-illustrated book on the Jewish catacombs of Rome. It will contain a discussion of all the major Jewish archaeological and inscriptional finds from Rome. The Jewish catacombs of Rome represent the largest body of archaeological evidence outside Israel. The book will also contain a discussion of the groundbreaking work I have directed in the area of radiocarbon dating. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in Jewish art, Italian Jewish history, and, more generally, the religious and cultural origins of European civilization.

My second book project will result in a major work of reference. It is entitled The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Late Antique Art and Archaeology (Cambridge U.P.). I am editing this massive volume together with Jodi Magness (UNC Chapel Hill), Neil Christie (University of Leicester), and Robin Jensen (Vanderbilt University). More than fifty colleagues from around the globe are currently writing chapters in their respective area of expertise. This encyclopedia will be a unique resource to gain access to the latest research in the area of  late antique Mediterranean archaeology (300-700 A.D.).

Below you will find a listing of other books I have published in the past. You can order these books by clicking on the orange button at the bottom of each section.