Welcome to my website. I am a historian of religion and an archaeologist. I am particularly interested in Jewish and early Christian history and archaeology and in how these interrelated religious traditions continue to shape the present as well as our perceptions of the past.

As is evident from my publications in Nature and other specialized journals, my work brings humanities scholarship into a systematic conversation with methodologies developed by the life sciences.

To get an idea of  the exciting and groundbreaking results such an approach produces, click on “video”  in the lower right corner of this page. Or click on the “in the media” section of this website where you’ll find reports that highlight the meaning of our discoveries. For weekly commentaries on new archaeological discoveries (provided you enjoy reading Dutch, but then who doesn’t?), go to my blog.

Currently I am working on a new, fully-illustrated book on the Jewish catacombs of Rome. I am also working on a massive project entitled The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Late Antique Art and Archaeology. For further information, click on “Publications.” For a quick overview of the various archaeological projects I have directed over the years, tap on one of the icons below.

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